Del-Tone continues to make improvements. John & Jake Kelly poured concrete for the all new skeet field that will be overlaid down on trap #9. At the same time they fixed up the broken parts of the concrete on that field, so trap shooting can one day resume there again as well. It’s our goal to give our skeet shooters a place they can call their own, away from the busiest parts of the trap range. The 5-Stand Station has also been renovated to make it more enjoyable for people to shoot 5-stand if they would like.

Also, not to be forgotten, we have a little something for our rifle shooters as well. The all the new benches are built, with many in place down at the rifle range. Many thanks to Dennis Nolden for his workmanship on the benches, and the Sartell high school wood working class for making the stools to go along with them. We think you’ll find they are a big improvement over the old one’s.