Saturdays shooting conditions were not for the faint of heart. Thanks to everyone who braved the hellacious winds and competed in our final jackpot of the 2024 season. As always it was a fun day full of shooting and laughs. Below is a list of the days big shooters.
Class 1
Joe Opitz – 45
Dick Berger – 45
Class 2
Jim Lambert – 40
Ray Steffenson – 40
Class 3
Susan Olson – 34
Troy Smith – 34
Tie breaker – 16 yard score, handicap score, long run from the front.
Also, congratulations to the days lucky AA shotgun shell winners.
Tom Schutta
John Olson
Denny Stienhaus
Joe Opitz
Pat Killian
John Houle
Dave Vogel
As we make way for the ensuing high school and college trap shooting seasons, rest assured that we will be doing it all over again next winter.
Thank You!