The 41st annual Viking Shoot seemed especially great this year. A big thank you to all the shooters who made it that way. Saturday was nothing short of perfect, and on Sunday we lucked out as the rain bucked the forecast from earlier in the week, holding off just long enough to squeeze it all in.
Once again it was John Kelly who claimed the title of “Chieftain,” winning the HOA, but not without having to shoot it out with Brody Padgett after they both posted 568 / 600. After 20 doubles, 20 singles, and 20 handicap shoot-off targets, they were still tied. As the rain began to pick up, they let the flip of a coin seal their fates, and Kelly prevailed. He won the Viking sword trophy, which unfortunately had not arrived on time for the shoot.
David Michaelis was a force to be reckoned with as well, missing HOA by just 2 targets, but winning the high handicap trophy outright with a 189 / 200. He will have to find room for his Nordic battle axe once it arrives and gets engraved along with the sword.
BUT, there were many winners on the weekend. To see a complete list of ALL the scores and the Lewis Class winners & more, go to this link AND know that you can ALWAYS see up to the minute scores from Del-Tone in real time at Also, too see photos and scores, go to our Facebook page.
Once again THANK YOU, our next registered event is the Independence Classic, June 22nd & 23rd. We’ll see you again soon.