The final jackpot shoot of the season is over, and even though it’s technically spring now and the snow has mostly melted, this was one of the coldest, most biting shoots we had all winter. The wind could cut to the bone, and would wreak havoc on targets throughout the day. But our core group of die hard shooters will shoot in just about anything, apparently, and so it all worked out. The results are as follows.
Class 1
Mark Jelkin – 44
Brian Anderson – 44
Class 2
Brian Anderson – 40
Ben Stang – 40
Class 3
Dave Vogel – 37
Ray Steffenson – 37
The high handicap scores of the day went to Dick Berger and Brian Anderson with a pair of 22’s. Ties were broken using the 16 yard scores, long run from the back. Also, congratulations to our drawing winners, Mark Jelkin, Joe Opitz, Jim Lambert, Brian Anderson, Jim Anderson, Tom Schutta, & Ben Stang.
THANK YOU everyone. We’ll do it all over again next winter, but in the meantime best of luck shooting this SUMMER.