It was guns ablaze on Saturday despite the single digit temperatures. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and spent their day at Del-Tone, shooting in the snow. Congratulations to Jim Lambert who had a heck of a day, and to Dave Vogel who had the tying high handicap score of 24. Below is a run down of the winning scores.
Class 1
Jim Lambert – 49
Jim Lambert – 47
Class 2
Dave Vogel – 44
Jim Lambert – 44
Class 3
Jerry Gall – 40
Tom Schutta – 40
High Handicap
Jim Lambert – 24
Dave Vogel – 24
Top Phone In Score
Troy Smith – 45*
Ties were determined by the handicap score, then 16 yard score, then long run from the front of the 16 yard score.
*Scores submitted by telephone are only valid in Canada & Mexico.