We’re sorry to be posting the results of this past weekend’s jackpot shoot so late. Someone who shall remain unnamed, but who’s name starts with an “S” and ends with a “t,” temporarily misplaced the score sheet.
Anyway, it must have been a heck of a day to shoot because the scores were rolling in pretty high. Here is a list of the big winners.
Class 1
Jim Lambert – 49
Bob Wynnemer – 48
Class 2
Kyle Berens – 45
Blake Donabauer – 45
Class 3
Garrett Loch – 43
Joe Hadac – 43
Class 4
Jerry Gall – 40
Mike Victor – 40
Class 5
Tom Schutta – 37
Pat Killian – 37
High Handicap score of the day goes to Jim Lambert, who broke a 25 from the 27 yard line! Very nice shooting Jim. Ties were broken using the 16 yard scores, long run from the front.
We can’t wait to do it all over again in two weeks. Hope to see you then. Thanks.