It was a cold windy day Saturday for the Del-Tone Jackpot Shoot, however, it didn’t bother a couple shooters!

Jim Lambert goes out on his 1st round and shoots a 48. Dick Berger looks at the scores before going out for his second round, puts his Super Man cape on and proceeds to shoot a 49. 25 straight on his handicap round!! Great shooting you two! Thanks to everyone who came out and braved the weather to shoot a few rounds!!!

High Handicap – Dick Berger – 25 straight

Class 1

Dick Berger – 49

Jim Lambert – 48

Class 2

Mark Jelkin – 41

Tim Gallagher – 41

Class 3

Dave Vogel – 38

Tom Schutta – 37

*ties determined by 16 yard score, handicap score, long run from front of 16yd score.