Saturday’s Jackpot Shoot was a real blast, both literally and figuratively. After last weeks Arctic air deep freeze, it felt good to get out and do some shooting. We can’t thank you enough for stopping out and making the day so much fun. Congratulations┬áto the big winners who’s names are listed below. With six classes, there were quite a few of them. For a complete list of the day’s scores, look at the photo. We hope to see you all again in two weeks. Until then, take care.
Big Winners
Class 1
Dave Smith – 48
Ed Dietz – 47
Class 2
Dave Vogel – 45
Dick Berger – 45
Class 3
Mason Reichmann – 44
Derek Fischer – 44
Class 4
Chad Tadych – 42
Dave Vogel – 42
Class 5
Paul Kuske – 40
Kari Potter – 40
Class 6
Ray Steffenson – 35
Kevin Sanders – 35