The results of the Feb. 17th Jackpot Shoot are in. The conditions were bearable, but not ideal with colder air than we’ve seen for awhile and variable winds. Tim Gallagher was the story of the day, with his 46 & 47, but somehow “Lucky Lambert” once again eeked out the top spot in the tie breaker with the roll of the die. Thanks to everybody for stopping out and spending the day with us. It was a nice crowd and lot of fun as usual. We’ll do it all over again in two weeks.
Class 1
Jim Lambert: 47
Tim Gallagher: 47
Class 2
Dick Berger: 42
Susan Olson: 41
Class 3
Troy Smith: 38
Tom Schutta: 38
Ties were determined by handicap score, then singles score, long run from the back.