The 2023 Del-Tone 100 was a sight to behold. All said and done 348 high school shooters representing 23 different schools shot 35,000 targets off of 12 traps for 7 hours.
Shooters competed both on an individual basis, and as a team. Individual medals were awarded to the top five shooters for both boy & girl, in the novice, junior varsity, and varsity levels. The top five shooters at each level had their scores combined to decide the top teams in those three levels as well.
When the smoke had cleared it was the Princeton Tigers taking home the traveling trophy for the varsity team, the Foley Falcons with the JV, and the Kimball Cubs claiming the novice team trophy.
We would like to thank the sponsors of this shoot. The Sauk Rapids Sportsmen’s Club for donating the medals, and Scheels, and the Stearns County Pheasants Forever for contributing $750 in Scheels gift cards. Also a big thank you to the ANVIL foundation for doing the cooking, and to all the parents, coaches and shooters who came together to make the day a lot of fun and a big success. GOOD LUCK to those of you moving on to the sate shoot in Alexandria, and to Nationals in Michigan.
Below are the individual winners and team scores. Click on the photos to see more. Another post will be coming soon with additional photos.
1) Princeton: 485
2) Big Lake: 474
3) Elk River: 470
4) Benson: 466
5) Champlin Park: 464
6) Foley: 463
7) Holdingford: 461
😎 Melrose: 458
9) Cathedral: 458
10) EV-Watkins: 453
11) STMA: 446
12) Pierz: 420
13) St. Cloud Tech: 410
14) Sartell: 393
1) Foley: 424
2) Holdingford: 422
3) EV-Watkins: 417
4) Big Lake: 411
5) Sartell: 409
6) Cathedral: 401
7) Rocori: 387
😎 Pierz: 378
1) Kimball: 382
2) Rocori: 369
3) Cathedral: 368
4) EV-Watkins: 349
5) Holdingford: 334
6) Pierz: 305
7) Foley: 283
St. Francis & Becker were also present but did not have enough shooters to form complete squads in any one category. In individual placement, all ties were determined by shoot-off. Those not present for shoot offs forfeited by default.
Miranda Klassen (Benson): 97
1st) Lisa McMullen (Big Lake): 95
2nd) Alexis Dupont (STMA): 93
3rd) Ava Klassen (Benson): 93
4th) Brianna Sherman (Elk River): 92
5th) Korin Kostreba (Holdingford): 91
1st) Alexa Moore (Foley): 88
2nd) Lexie Trout (Sartell): 87
3rd) Stacey Dahler (Foley): 84
4th) Mackenzie Sevcik (Zimmerman): 83
5th) Madisyn Moriniville (Foley): 82
1st) Rylie Hommerding (Rocori): 93
2nd) Cheyenne Nyholm (Kimball): 84
3rd) Lauren Amenrud (STMA): 80
4th) Macy Hilsgen (Kimball): 79
5th) Zoey Filla (Cathedral): 77
Leo Brand (Champlin Park): 100
1st) Kynan Minske (Princeton): 99
2nd) Ethan Engbrecht (Princeton): 98
3rd) Anthony Klassen (Benson): 97
4th) Beau Herbst (Foley): 97
5th) Max Hajovy (Big Lake): 97
1st) Darryn Richardson (Rocori): 91
2nd) Peyton Rudolph (Holdingford): 90
3rd) Maxwell Torborg (EV-Watkins): 90
4th) Hunter Peterson (Foley): 89
5th) Nathan Parker (Elk River): 5
1st) Henry Landwehr (EV-Watkins): 84
2nd) Bret Sietsema (Rocori): 81
3rd) Owen Ricke (Cathedral): 79
4th) Nicholas Hemish (Princeton): 78
5th) Max Hommerding (Holdingford): 75