It was looking pretty Christmassy around Del-Tone for Saturdays annual Jackpot ham shoot. The shoot had a great turn out, and it was lot of fun shooting together and spreading a little holiday cheer. Many thanks to Jeff Hoppes who spent no small amount of time removing snow so the day could proceed as planned.

We wish you all the very merriest Christmas possible. Thank you for shooting with us and making it a great day. Congratulations to the winners whose scores are posted below.

Class 1
Ed Dietz – 46
Brian Pilarski – 45

Class 2
Ray Steffenson – 41
Jim Lambert – 41

Class 3
Jason Vlasak – 39
Jon Olson – 39

Class 4
Ray Steffenson – 37
Dave Vogel – 37

Class 5
Allison Vogel – 33
Kevin Sanders – 32

Ties were determined using the handicap scores, long run from the front.

Ham Winners – Ed Dietz, Jim Lambert, Dave Vogel, Dick Berger, Brian Pilarski, Joe Opitz.