Thank you to all who turned out for the 61st annual Steer & Calf shoot this past weekend. The turnout was amazing, and the atmosphere was nothing but fun to be in. Also, a huge THANK YOU to Saturday morning’s crowd for remaining patient as we worked through some technical difficulties on our classification and squadding program. And finally, a MEGA THANK YOU to all who played the $20 Lewis Class option, with 1/2 of the proceeds going to the St. Cloud Police Benefit Association. Together you raised approximately $2,400 for local programs, kids, and police and their families, which far surpassed last years already generous total of over $1,500.
The scores on Saturday were off the chart. With eight 100 straights in singles and 11 punches earned in handicap, the stage was set to be one of the most competitive days in Steer & Calf history. All said and done Bradley Bible took home the blackpowder pistol, as he won the “Steer” trophy on Saturday with a 99 in singles and a 99 in handicap, for the sole combined score of 198. Scott Arvig was declared the “Calf” winner with the sole combined score of 197, which included a 100 straight in singles and a 97 in handicap. The 5oz. silver shotshell trophy was allowed to ride on down to the three 3rd place shooters on the day, and was eventually won by Gerald Bauer in a day two carry over.
But perhaps most impressive of all is the fact that there were a total of 9 combined scores that registered 195 or better on Saturday.
Sunday was a different story, with the winds kicking up a couple notches and scores coming in noticeably lower on the handicap side. When the smoke had cleared and the scores were tallied, it was Ava Klassen with her pair of 96’s, tied with Jack Knaus who broke a 98 in singles and a 94 in handicap. With the 192’s being high on the day, the two shot it out from both the singles line and their respective handicap yardages. Klassen won the shoot-off and took home the “Steer” blackpowder pistol trophy and Knaus snagged the 5oz. silver shotshell.
Although the doubles event does not enter into the Steer & Calf trophy equation, 100 doubles were thrown each day. Of notable mention was Mike Michaelis, who won the “Dick Berger” doubles event on Saturday with an impressive 99, and Randy Cook who broke all 100 straight in doubles on Sunday.
Thanks again for making this a shoot to remember and for supporting Del-Tone Shooting Range. We will do it all over again next year.