The temps were high, but the scores were coming in even higher at the 40th annual Viking Shoot this weekend at Del-Tone. It was a beautiful weekend, and it was a great crowd as always. Click on the photos to see a list of the top HOA’s & High Handicap shooters on the weekend. Congratulations to John Kelly, who was both the Viking Chieftain, and High Handicap winner.

To see all of the scores posted from the entire weekend, go to . Once you get to the homepage, click on “view events” near the top of the screen. Find Del-Tone Shooting Range, and select the Viking Shoot from the pull down options. You can then select the events you wish to see. It’s actually very easy. Also, if you ever want to follow a registered shoot at Del-Tone as it unfolds, the scores are posted immediately to this site as they come in. It’s a great new thing!

Thank you to everyone who stopped out to shoot with us, we really appreciate having you at our events. We’ll see a lot of you back here in a couple weeks for the MTA Northern Zone Shoot. Whether we see you then or some other time, or out at some other club, take care until then.