It was a busy weekend with not one, but two youth tournaments held. Sunday was the Del-Tone youth fall league tourney. The tournament was open to any high school aged shooter who participated in our fall youth league and completed all 10 weeks.

It was a gorgeous day, and the turn out was good. Medals were provided for both the fall league, as well as the tournament, and Scheels gift cards were up for grabs as well.
A BIG THANK YOU goes out to the Sauk Rapids Sportsman Club for generously donating the medals, to the Stearns County Pheasants Forever for donating the Scheels gift cards, and to the ANVIL foundation for providing lunch.

Here is the complete list of winners, which was graciously typed up by Foley head coach Todd Kobienia. Thank you for that Todd!

As always, be sure to click on the photos to see more, and sorry if your picture isn’t in there, there were just too many to post them all. THANK YOU shooters and coaches and parents. Del-Tone appreciates you.


The awards for the Fall League were given out to athletes based on his/her current grade level in school. The number of awards given was based on the number of male and female participants in each grade level.

7th Grade:
1st Place: Stacy Dahler (Foley) 15.7
8th Grade: ————
9th Grade:
1st Place Delayna Rife (Foley) 23.5
10th Grade:
1st Place: Allayna Gohman (Sartell) 21.0
2nd Place: Lily Ackerman (Sauk Rapids)19.0
3rd Place: Jordan Lewis (Tech) 14.8
11th Grade:
1st Place: Bridget Bursch (Foley) 17.6
12th Grade:
1st Place: Ellie Fleming (Cathedral) 21.7
7th Grade
1st Place:Colton Olson (Foley) 20.7
2nd Place: Gus Zimmerman (Foley) 19.4
3rd Place: Michael Poganski (Sauk Rapids) 19
8th Grade
1st Place: Ajay Alden (Foley) 23.1
2nd Place: Brayden Olson (Foley) 20.9
3rd Place: Andrew Doschadis (Cathedral) 20.5
9th Grade
1st Place: Talan Pietrzak (Foley) 23.5
2nd Place: Aaron VanderWeyst (Foley) 22.6
3rd Place: Ben Hagenson (Cathedral) 19.2
10th Grade
1st Place: Terran Bursch (Foley) 23.1
2nd Place: Braydon Nelson ( ) 22.2
3rd Place: Chris Kurilla (Cathedral) 21.9
11th Grade
1st Place: Silas Arvig (Upsala) 24.3
2nd Place: Tanner Farnick (Milaca) 23.9
3rd Place: Ben Stang (Cathedral) 23.9
12th Grade
1st Place: Elias Kobienia (Foley) 24.3
2nd Place: Nicholas Hagert (Foley) 23.2
3rd Place: Tanner Hanson (Tech) 22.4
The tournament was set up based on end of league average. Categories were novice, junior varsity and varsity.
High Gun Overall: Delayna Rife (Foley) 95
1st Place: Ellie Fleming (Cathedral) 94
2nd Place: Allayna Gohman (Sartell) 86
1st Place: Bridget Bursch (Foley) 85
2nd Place: Lily Ackerman (Sauk Rapids) 68
3rd Place: Stacy Dahler (Foley) 64
1st Place: Eleanor Voigt (Big Lake) 69
High Gun Overall: Elias Kobienia (Foley) 99


1st Place: Tanner Hanson (Tech) 97

2nd Place: Terran Bursch (Foley) 95 * won in shoot off

3rd Place: Talan Pietrzak (Foley) 95


1st Place: Parker Otkin (Rogers) 88

2nd Place: Aiden Rohde (Apollo) 86

3rd Place: Breyden Bemboom (Foley) 86


1st Place: Mason Matthies (Foley) 67 *won in shoot-off