Rifle - Pistol Ranges

Del-Tone Gun Range features three rifle ranges and a NRA approved pistol range. For our shooters with high powered rifles we have a 25/50 yard, a 100 yard and a 200 yard range. The 100 yard range offers 10 stations while the 25/50 & 200 yard ranges offers 5.  The pistol range has an NRA approved "No Blue Sky" baffle system with baffles set at 20 & 30 feet in additional to movable targets back to 50 feet. The pistol bay offers 8 stations.

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Archery Range is Closed

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Located two miles from the MN Highway Safety Center in central Minnesota, Del-Tone Gun Club features an on-site gunsmith. Please call 320-251-9873 for further information.

Minnesota's Premier Firearms Facility

Del-Tone Gun Club offer law enforcement personnel the opportunity to "rent the range" for training and evaluation. Numerous shooting and tactical courses are offered throughout the year by nationally recognized instructors or smaller agencies can utilize their own instructors. Del-Tone Gun Club offers long distance shooting out to 200 yards, and six outdoor bays. Also available are numerous styles of steel targets, portable targets, a precision marksman's tower (great for observation), as well as barricades and vehicles for dynamic vehicle felony traffic stops.

Conceal Carry Classes

Del-Tone Gun Club offers conceal carry classes approximately once per month. Call to reserve a spot in the next class.

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Trap and Skeet Ranges


Demonstrate your marksmanship skills on one of our eight concrete shooting stations that feature Canterbury Voice Release & White Flyer Targets. The 8 stations allow us to accommodate large group events such as company parties, family picnics and bachelor parties.

  • Open trap shooting - no appointment necessary
  • $9.00 per round of trap
  • $6.70+ tax per box of 12 gauge shells
  • Target loads only, no hunting ammunition allowed


Just outside of the clubhouse is our NSSA approved skeet range. Skeet shooting offers a wider variety of targets, 25 targets thrown from eight positions, to challenge your shooting ability.

  • No appointment necessary - call for availability
  • Member of the National Skeet Shooters Association (NSSA)
  • $9.00 per round
  • $7.00 per round on Wednesdays


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Sporting Clays

If you like shooting trap and skeet you'll love shooting our walk through Sporting Clays course. Targets are thrown from multiple unique positions. Targets include Battues, Chondells, and the ever-evasive "Wascully Wabbit" make Sporting Clays the fastest growing section of the clay target sport in the United States.

Del-Tone Gun Club is a member of both the National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA) and the Minnesota Sporting Clays Association (MSCA). We hold registered shoots for MSCA and NSCA members several times throughout the year.

Ask for details on how to turn a registered shoot into a fundraiser for your organization.

The course is CLOSED during the winter months.

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Del-Tone Kennels are now available for lease. Contact us for more details.

Kennel Quantities and Sizes:

  • 1 - 67' x 14'
  • 5 - 43' x 20'
  • 15 - 14' x 4'
  • 25 - 4' x 8' (indoor/Outdoor)

* All kennels have shelters

Lease Information:

The building has 1,580 square feet. A five year lease starts at $1,600.00 per month for the first years and increases by $100.00 per month each year for the remaining four years.


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